SEYPOS is a brand focused on manufacturing devices that facilitate the day-to-day life of workers with warranties for solutions for businesses and self-employed people. We have a portfolio of products designed for many kinds of businesses, from small shops to industry and the health and hospitality sector.
Seypos | Experience and development

Business Vision

Our business vision is to keep growing every day thanks to the trust of our product users, who endorse the quality and design of SEYPOS devices, allowing us to take on even greater challenges for the future and position ourselves as one of the most reliable options for technological solutions for businesses.

Essential Commitment

We make an essential commitment not only to society to improving conditions in the workplace, but also to our natural environment with responsible waste management and a manufacturing protocol that is respectful of the environment, because we know that as technology manufacturers, we have an indispensable responsibility with regards to the wellbeing of people and looking after our ecosystem.
Seypos | Who we are
Seypos | Who we are
Seypos | Who we are
Seypos | Why choose us?

Experience and Development

To assist us in the development of our equipment, we have used our experience of the last 30 years in the market on the latest technology to achieve high performance computer equipment, high performance and affordable price. Each one of these articles has been carefully elaborated based on the needs of their target sectors and having previously evaluated the lacks and demands of our clients, so that the range of SEYPOS products could be adapted to them with the maximum performance and contrasted efficiency.

Why choose SEYPOS?

At SEYPOS we are committed to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers, as we consider it essential that our brand image is linked to first class technological solutions and as such, customers choose us as their first choice when looking for equipment for their businesses. One of the main things that help us to stand out from other manufacturers is the fact that we supervise all design and manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the quality of the final product so that it conforms to your technical specifications with excellent components and free of any design defects.